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Reliable trust was established in the year 2016 by a group of friends with an intention of helping EWS (Economically Weaker Section) of the society and the poor people in fulfillment of their aims and objectives. Reliable trust is youth driven organization that provides assistance to various needs of the people like education, medical assistance, ration kits distribution for the poor, providing shelter for the homeless people, physically disabled children school adoption etc. The idea of forming the trust came in the minds of a group of friends of which few of them faced some difficulty in the society pertaining to their financial conditions and qualification. One of the incident of insult at a bank with a lady who was not able to fill the bank form because of her illiteracy, that incident of humiliation came like a shock in one of our friend’s mind which in turn made him to discuss with our friends about the incident and thus came up with the idea of establishing the trust with aim to eradicate illiteracy from the society and to provide education to the needy children who could not afford for their educational needs thus enabling them to maximize their potential and transforming their lives. The main aim of the trust is to be some use to the mankind especially those who are deserving.


Eradication of Socio-Economic imbalances in the society by providing services, financial assistance and such other need based supports for the benefit of the poor and needy, without caste, creed or linguistic considerations.


We the people of the Reliable Trust work relentlessly on its set objectives, vision, cohesively as a team with dedicated service to the society and mankind.


Medical Assistance:

Arranging medical relief and immediate assistance to the poor who are suffering from various types of diseases

Financial Assistance:

Extending financial help to the poor and needy to meet their educational expenses especially the orphans and those who are neglected by their parents because of their financial conditions.


*Providing financial assistance to the poor children to persue their education

* Building up fund for exclusive use of enlisted social activities through donations and other fund raising activities in accordance with law.

*Organizing medical camps and such other life supporting campaigns as may be identified from time to time.

* Setting up of common utilities like construction of toilets, Installation of water purifier in government hospitals and government schools

* Conducting activities to promote peace, harmony and brotherhood in the society.

* Empowering women by providing financial assistance to make them self employed and thus creating employment for the women.

* Providing food and shelter to the needy as may be identified from time to time.

* Distribution of food/ration kits for the deserving families on monthly basis and annually to the poor and needy by organizing ration kit distribution program.

* Helping widows for their livelihood and for their sustenance